After announcing earlier last week that a new Michael Jackson album was on the way, Sony has launched a stream of his new song called Breaking News.

The song is interesting musically and I imagine he could’ve put together a hell of a dance routine for it, but sadly, it’s not the lane that fans want to see his music go. Fans were tired of the “people are being mean to Michael” routine in 1995, and really, it’s a terrible angle to go back to. It’s 2010 and because of his passing, there are more Michael Jackson fans than there has been in many, many years.

They don’t want to hear a paranoid Michael Jackson sing songs. If this is the type of material that is on the first posthumous album, I think many people are going to be disappointed.

And maybe it’s just me, but it’s weird hearing him sing his own name.

Check it out for yourself by going here: