There are some people who just know you. They know just the thing that will brighten up your day. Well, thanks to Money Mike from Popblerd (and who also is one of the forefathers of this very site), nothing in my day can go wrong today.

Let me go backwards slightly.

Back in the mid 80s when Lionel Richie was winning music awards, he started using a special word over and over and over again. That word was “outrageous”. And he wouldn’t just say it. He’d shout it. He’d pump his fist when he said it. He’d shimmer in all of his glittery greatness when he said it.

VH-1 even had one of those goofy specials about the 80s where they remembered Lionel’s outrageous usage of the word “outrageous”.

But other than the B-grade comedians on VH-1 and Money Mike, no one would delight in the memory of Lionel’s outrageousness. Why? Well, I couldn’t find the thing on YouTube.

That is, until now. Just today, Money Mike sent me an e-mail with a just YouTube video link in the body and a subject that said, “Your boy.” So you can now celebrate with me, the outrageousness that is an 8-second video of “my boy” saying that oh so special word.