Could it be true? Will fans finally get to see Kate Bush perform live again?

I have been a Kate Bush fan since the early 1980s, when my older sister bought her 1982 album, The Dreaming, and played it for me. It took another seven or eight years before I finally started buying her albums myself. I was enchanted by her otherworldly singing and unusual musical arrangements. Kate Bush’s music is not for everyone, but I have loved most of it for a good portion of my life. I would have loved to have seen her perform live when I was younger. Unfortunately, Kate Bush hasn’t been on tour since 1979, when she famously played at Hammersmith Odeon. That was her one and only tour and it left many of her fans pining for more.

Kate Bush sings “Wuthering Heights” and proves that she can dance and act.

The Red Dress version of “Wuthering Heights”.

I don’t know what has kept Kate from the stage for all these years. She’s clearly very talented at everything that makes someone a great live performer. While she has been somewhat reclusive in recent years, she hasn’t completely disappeared. In 2011, she released 50 Words for Snow, which included some innovative new songs. It was her first album since 2005’s awesome Aerial, which is probably one of my favorite albums by her.

Kate Bush’s very moving song, “This Woman’s Work”.

Mesmerizing duet with Peter Gabriel, “Don’t Give Up”.

Kate Bush’s Before the Dawn show will be at London’s Eventim Apollo in August and September 2014. Tickets for the fifteen shows go on sale at 9:30am GMT on Friday, March 28th. Patrons are limited to four tickets per booking and must show photo identification to the booker upon arrival at the venue the night of the show. I wish I could be among the lucky people who will get to see Kate Bush perform live again after 35 years. Those who attend her concerts are definitely in for a treat.

Cool version of Kate Bush singing “Running Up That Hill” with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

“The Sensual World” is one of many favorite songs by Kate Bush. There’s something so seductive about this song.

I’m sure someone will make a concert DVD of this show, which I’m certain to get my hot little hands on. For now, I can only be green with envy that those who are lucky enough to live in the United Kingdom will get the chance to see this rare event.

One more for good measure! “Cloudbusting” is one hell of a cool song!

Have a great weekend, everybody!