So…”We Were Once a Fairytale” isn’t a video, per se. It’s more like a mini-movie. There’s not really a song featured. It’s also the latest thing to emerge from the twisted minds of Kanye West and video director-turned-genius movie director Spike Jonze. With those two teaming up, you would expect nothing less than an engrossing viewing experience, and that’s exactly what this vid…mini-movie is.

There appears to be a linear thread here (although I’m not gonna tell you what it is-you’ll have to watch). To me, this just underlines a few things: one being that Kanye has infallible taste in collaborators, another being that Kanye has more artistic vision than any other person in the hip-hop genre, and finally, that he is much more self-aware than we give him credit for.

And I still think the MTV stunt was staged.

Enjoy the film.