From the ''Think Like a Man'' Soundtrack

He doesn’t wanna brag. And so what if he says he’s gonna be the “best you ever had” – it’s not bragging if it’s true, right? (Having seen him live when he was touring his debut album, I don’t doubt he’s got the goods. On stage, I mean. On stage.)

I love John Legend, and part of the reason is that he can say things like “I don’t wanna brag” – while bragging – and make it sound charming and sexy. (It helps that he doesn’t need any Autotune to get his point across.) Justin and Timbaland can talk about bringing the sexy back, but John Legend is the sexy. Obviously, there’s more to John Legend than his sex appeal: like his 70s soul forebears (particularly Marvin Gaye), he’s a deep-thinking, three-dimensional, socially/politically engaged artist (who – did I mention? – also happens to be totally hot) and he’s one hell of an entertainer. While we’re waiting for him to wrap up his fifth studio album, he’s serving up some sweet, sweet foreplay with this new single.

“Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”, from the soundtrack of the forthcoming movie Think Like a Man, is the first new music from the Ohio native since his 2010 collaboration with The Roots on a collection of covers of classic soul protest songs called Wake Up!. “Tonight” features a guest verse by Ludacris, which is okay, I suppose; more importantly it features a throbbing beat, a slinky “let’s-take-our-clothes-off” bassline, and John Legend doing a breathy falsetto on the word “tonight.” This sounds like a great live show opener. It also sounds like it could make it rain panties in a theater.