Gorillaz R 4 Realz

If a corporation could have a hobby, I think Converse shoes has found theirs. In the last few years, Converse has opened it’s own recording studio, and every couple of months, it’s commissioned some great, unexpected collaboration singles, like last year’s irresistible “I’m a Goner” which matched indie pop duo Matt & Kim with swag rapper Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and Andrew W.K., the original party rocker. You can still download the song for free home page, and while there, check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the song’s video, which looks like it was inspired by the final scene of Summer School.

“I’m a Goner” (2011)

Converse’s latest collaboration single brings Gorillaz into the studio with Outkast’s Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s maestro James Murphy. It’s called “Do Ya Thing”. Check it out and download it for free here. Like any good Gorillaz song, it’s a veritable pinata of brightly colored audio sweetness – doodly doo organs, tooting horns, glitchy beats – and there’s a great contrast between lead Gorilla Damon Albarn’s jaded intro verse, and Andre’s marathon sprint, with James Murphy swooping in periodically to deliver a hilariously just-a-little-bit-off falsetto hook. The bummer about this collaboration is that this is really the sort of thing that Gorillaz does all the time – it’s not unlikely that these three artists would have been in the studio together for part of the next Gorillaz album. So while it’s great to have a new Gorillaz track out there (for free!), I generally expect something more unexpected from Converse.