I was at work yesterday passing old videos with my co-worker via YouTube. Let’s just call him EFreezy. He lobbed me one that just sent me into all kinds of hysterics.

On the great show Full House, John Stamos played Uncle Jesse, who was always singing old Elvis tunes. He was in a fictitious band called Jesse And The Rippers and used to sing a Beach Boys song on the show called Forever. That isn’t all that noteworthy.

Did you know that the Beach Boys re-released this song one of their albums in the 90s with none other than John Stamos on the lead vocals? Did you know that there was an actual music video for this song, featuring Stamos and the Beach Boys? But that’s not even the best part. It’s by Jesse And The Rippers. When I saw this, I lost it.

Featured in the video, are Jesse’s twin sons. I’m surprised Joey didn’t make an appearance doing Mr. Woodchuck. What about Miss Donna Joe Tanner? And wouldn’t it have been great if Kimmie Gibbler made a cameo. Ok, maybe not.

I learned all of this information on John Stamos’ actual 45th birthday. It was just meant to be. Enjoy some Jesse And The Rippers. Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.