Yesterday, my friend Paul from Ireland sent me a message on Facebook, prompting me to make a Halloween discovery!

I love it when my friends turn me on to new music or artists I have never heard of. Before yesterday, I had never heard of Jan Terri, a fiftysomething Italian-American singer from Chicago who is famous for her cheesy videos and inane song lyrics. My friend Paul had sent me a link to her music, “Get Down Goblin”, because he wanted to tell me what the term “goblin” is slang for in Ireland. But as I watched the video and listened to Jan Terri’s silliness, it occurred to me that I needed to write a post about her. She is living proof that musical talent or lack thereof may not be a hinderance to having a music career. Case in point, check out this video…

The above video, for Terri’s song “Losing You”, is described as “the worst music video ever” by YouTuber Ryan rr.

I listen to this song and am shocked and appalled by Terri’s mediocre vocals and ridiculous song lyrics. The melody of this pointless song is beyond simplistic. And yet, it has over 3 million hits on YouTube. For as wacko as Terri’s music is, she does have her share of fans. She impressed Marilyn Manson, who reportedly invited her to perform at his ex girlfriend, Rose McGowan’s, birthday party in 1998. Terri also opened a few of his shows in the Chicago area in 1998 and 1999.

Jan Terri’s song, “Journey To Mars”.

Here’s an abbreviated live performance of the same song. Note the nifty headband as Jan Terri “wails” on the guitar.

Though Jan Terri has a cult following, her music apparently wasn’t popular enough to allow her to quit her day job. Besides being an enthusiastic music performer and video producer, Terri has also worked as a limousine driver. I wonder if any of her limo clients recognized her from her rock and roll career?

Actually, I think Jan Terri’s a hoot. She’s entertaining in a bad way, but it’s harmless and goofy fun. She even has a song that is perfect for Halloween.

Despite my friend’s comment about what the word “goblin” is a euphemism for in Ireland, I truly think Jan Terri meant for this to be a Halloween song…

“Get Down Goblin” reminds me a little of “Kung Fu Fighting”.

If I’ve piqued your interest in Jan Terri’s career, the below video is a hilarious interview that was posted by distortedviewshow. Apparently, she was influenced by Olivia Newton-John, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

Special thanks to my Irish friend, Paul, who introduced me to this musical legend.

I would probably really enjoy this show.

Hell, if Jan Terri can be a YouTube star, why can’t I? Happy Halloween, everybody!