I was watching the Academy of Country Music Awards last night, when Jamie Foxx came on & made a complete fool of himself. He told the audience what a BIG fan he is of country music. He was making a point of saying how radical it was to see a black man onstage at a country music event. “Darius Rucker, WOW!”, said Jamie.

Boy, what a fan Jamie is! I guess he’s never heard of Charlie Pride, an African American country singer who has had 36 number one songs on the Billboard country music charts, and who is a member of the Grand Old Opry. Or perhaps he’s never heard of Cleve Francis, another African American country singer who released three albums on the Liberty Records label, and had four of his singles on the Billboard country music charts.

By trying to be hip & cutting edge & jump on the Obama train, Jamie’s done a major disservice to all African American country artists, and to the entire genre of country music. He’s severely understating the accomplishments of his fellow African Americans, and looked very foolish in the process. If you’re going to get up at an awards show, at least know what you’re talking about……