Is it just me or…is Baby By Me the greatest Ne-Yo song ever, until 50 Cent comes in and then it becomes the worst 50 Cent song ever?
First it’s her neck, yeah then her back
Yeah I’m a freak, I get into all that
Girl I perform for ya, like a porno star
Till ya had enough then I just need a little bit more

Yep, the dude has to bite a Khia song these days.

Is it just me or…does Lady GaGa need to throw the New Kids On The Block a bone?
The first time I ever heard of Lady GaGa was on the terrible Big Girl Now cut on the New Kids latest album The Block. She was even on their comeback tour. Then she blows up. How about getting the Boston boys on a track and releasing it as a single GaGa? How about having them join you on your burning piano? Throw the dudes a bone!



Speaking of things related to the New Kids, is it just me or should Mark Walhberg stop pretending that he wasn’t a white-boy rapper in the 90s named Marky Mark?

And to even take it a step beyond, I think he should make a comeback. Since he’d never do it without pretending that it wasn’t him, I say we take it to the next level. How about he raps with a luchador mask on and comes out as MC Invincible, which was the name of one of his films? Ok, fine, I know that’s just me.

Is it just me or should Kris Allen have marketed himself as the anti-Glambert?
Since Lambert decided to go way over the top as a drama queen in marketing his album, couldn’t Allen have just done the opposite and reached out to all the people who were just disgusted with Lambert? I would’ve looked at all the markets that did the lowest TV ratings for Lambert’s set on the American Music Awards and immediately booked concerts in those areas and called myself Kris “No Nail Polish And Make-Up” Allen.

Is it just me or is Beyonce the hottest thing in the world until she starts performing and makes mugs that make her eyes bulge out?
If you don’t believe, you only need click here. I have no idea why she feels the need to make that face over and over again during her concerts. And to add to that, if you take Jay-Z’s mean mug when he throws down his B-boy stance, you have the muggin’est couple in music.

Photo of the New Kids On The Block added by and shared via Creative Commons