Jay-Z photo by Wikimedia user i-am-guilty.

Mash-ups are nothing new. Hell, mash-ups featuring Jay-Z are nothing new, but if you’re a fan of the Jigga Man, you definitely want to check out “Jaydiohead”. DJ Minty Fresh Beats has grabbed a bunch of the best songs from latter-day Jay (“Black Album”, “Blueprint”, “American Gangster”) and mixed them with some of Radiohead’s greatest songs (from “OK Computer”, “Kid A” and “In Rainbows”) and the results are almost as good as when Danger Mouse mixed Jigga with The Beatles on “The Grey Album”. My favorite happens to be “Dirt off Your Shoulder” mixed with “Paranoid Android”. Who said Kanye was the only person that could sample Radiohead? (oops, The Roots did it too). Check Jaydiohead out at www.jaydiohead.com where you can download the album for free!