OK-time to get the party started.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are. Pop “Love Shack” into the CD player or onto the iPod and even the paraplegics will start moving. This song screams out “good time” more than any song recorded during the decade. Ironically, “Love Shack” was the first anyone had heard from the B-52’s since the death of guitarist Ricky Wilson four years earlier. They did what anyone should do when faced with the loss of a loved one-continued the party in his memory.

It was the first I’d heard or seen of the band, and you’ve gotta admit that the 52’s are a sight for the eyes and ears. This video is the epitome of controlled chaos (watch out for a RuPaul cameo in the video four years before anyone knew or cared who RuPaul was), and I will always have a spot for the B-52’s as long as Charles Nelson Reilly Fred Schneider is in the band.

Having a bad day? Play this video.