handstoheavenA song called Hands to Heaven by a band called Breathe immediately conjures up thoughts of things airy and light. So no surprise that this song is one of the most beautifully ethereal songs to ever hit the Top Forty. Singer David Glasper whispers the verses before going into full out croon mode in the song’s choruses.The prototypical ’80s sax wails away and what you have is one of the most perfect breakup ballads of them all.

Breathe is one of those bands that should have caught on but never really did. Hands to Heaven peaked at #2 in the summer of ’88, and its’ follow-up, How Can I Fall, landed just a notch behind, however, sales of their album All That Jazz were unimpressive. Album #2, Peace of Mind, brought Glasper to the forefront with a “featuring” credit. That didn’t change the band’s fortunes much. The album bombed, even though two singles landed in the Top Forty. Both albums aren’t bad if you like the whole 80s stately British thing (think Johnny Hates Jazz or Spandau Ballet). I’m sure you can find ’em pretty cheap, so check them out if you desire.