So, the Van Halen reunion is back on. Remember when this was a big deal earlier in the year, right before the band’s induction in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame? Then Eddie went into rehab and…well, you know the rest. But Eddie’s out, and it looks like the band is ready to hit the road again. How long until it implodes?
You know, I was cool with The Police reunion tour. Not only does it not seem like any of the three members are hurting for cash, but at the one performance I saw, it was obvious that they are trying to push their music forward, and it still sounds fresh. The band’s matured musically, and the technological changes over the past twenty years have brought a fresh wrinkle to their sound.
VH? The whole thing just seems kinda desperate. Well, just about anything David Lee Roth does nowadays seems desperate, but I’m saying. Besides, how can you take this whole thing seriously when Van Bertinelli’s teenage son is playing bass?
Of course, 40-ish yuppie types who have fond memories of being the high school badass will revel in this reunion. Me? I’ll chill at home with my copy of 1984 and be perfectly happy.
Besides, after seeing Roth perform “Jump” in a bluegrass stylee earlier this year on TV, does anyone have great expectations for this reunion tour? Seriously!!
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