The sun is out again!

A couple of days ago, I lamented about the gloomy weather where I live. This winter has been very rainy. The pond behind my house is about to flood. Luckily, it’s not very close to the house, so we’re not in any danger of being washed away. Still, after awhile, I get sick of rain and the dark, depressing mood that can come with it. I love to see the sun and realize that it’s March and pretty soon, the leaves and flowers will be sprouting. Of course, that also means my allergies will be in full bloom and I’ll have to start mowing the lawn again. But for a few minutes, I can enjoy the sun, right?

I thought today, I’d focus on some songs about excellent weather. We have a bright, sunny, beautiful day here in central North Carolina, though the air is chilly and brisk with wind.

The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun

I count this beautiful hit from The Beatles’ Abbey Road as one of my favorite songs by The Beatles. The melody is inspiring; the lyrics are hopeful; and this song just makes me feel warm all over. George Harrison is credited with writing and singing this gem. Bring on the spring!

The Beatles- Good Day Sunshine

Here’s another sunny song from The Beatles, “Good Day Sunshine”. This song is from the 1966 album Revolver and it’s all about being in love and the optimism that comes from being in love. Paul McCartney sings lead and mostly wrote this song. I remember it being used on more than one orange juice ad, too.

Stevie Wonder- You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

“You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” is an early hit by Stevie Wonder. The first two lines were sung by Jim Gilstrap, with Lani Groves singing the next two. After that, Stevie pipes in with his distinctive vocals. This is a beautiful, classic love song, again using the sun to convey a person’s immense love for another and the joy that person brings.

James Taylor- Sunny Skies

James Taylor’s “Sunny Skies” was included on his 1970 album, Sweet Baby James. I guess you could count this as a “deep cut”; it’s kind of a bright, bouncy number featuring James Taylor’s acoustic guitar and impossibly young sounding vocals.

Violent Femmes- Blister In The Sun

I’ve always enjoyed the mischievous sounds of Violent Femmes. This is one of those songs a lot of people who were young in the 80s can sing by heart. As I listen to it today, I can’t help but notice how timeless and fun it is.

Katrina and the Waves- Walking On Sunshine

Full disclosure here. I can’t stand “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. It’s one of those songs that was custom made for commercials and it’s been way overused over the past 25 years or so. But even if it weren’t used on so many commercials, I just find it an annoying song. It’s a little too manic for my taste. Once again, though, the lyrics compare being in love with being in the sun. A lot of people love this song and it is sort of the quintessential “happy song”. It annoys me, though… This list would be incomplete without it, nevertheless.

John Denver- Sunshine On My Shoulders

It makes perfect sense that John Denver’s sweet song about sunshine would make this list. This is the same guy who sang about West Virginia, the Rocky Mountains, and being a country boy. John Denver had a beautiful clarity to his voice and sang with heart and sincerity. This song shows that a song about the sun doesn’t have to be bouncy and optimistic… it can also be pensive.

Cream- Sunshine Of Your Love

This is an epic song by Cream, a supergroup that included Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker. Eric Clapton’s bluesy guitar and vocals are very evident in this rock song. I always liked it, until it made a cameo appearance on an episode of the television show 7th Heaven and one of the world’s most irritating actors, Stephen Collins, sang it. Sorry, I know not everyone feels that way… I need to turn off the TV and quit watching re-runs.

The Animals- House Of The Rising Sun

Here’s a classic hit from 1964 that continues the sun theme, albeit with somewhat creepy overtones. Instead of being about love, nature, or happiness, this is a song about a house in New Orleans that has been the “ruin of many a poor boy”. Even though this is a spooky song, it’s still fun to crank it on a nice day!

Smash Mouth- Walkin’ On The Sun

I have to admit, from the first time I heard this song on a 1997 episode of ER, I have loved it. The lyrics are quirky; the melody is catchy; and the attitude is irreverent. It’s a great song for a sunny day with the top down… either on your car or your body! Not that I advocate public nudity, mind you… It’s just that this song sounds like it might inspire some harmless naughtiness.

The sun is out, just in time for the weekend. I’ve noticed the very first daffodil blooming in the yard. If we could just coax the temperature to rise just a little bit, I might find myself sitting on the deck, catching some rays later on. I hope everyone is enjoying some sun today and has a great weekend!