The rainy weather today sucks…

I enjoy the occasional rainy day.  It’s good for quiet contemplation, sleep, reading, getting things done around the house.  Lately, we’ve been getting a ton of rain, though.  It’s not the pleasant, romantic type of rain, either, like the kind depicted in a recent Progressive car insurance commercial.  It’s cold and nasty and doesn’t make me want to go outside.  So, in the interest of celebrating yucky weather, today’s post is about songs that mention rain.

BJ Thomas- Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

This one’s a no brainer and it’s surprisingly upbeat for a song about rain. Hey, if you can’t stop the rain from falling, you might as well enjoy it, right?

The Carpenters- Rainy Days and Mondays

Here are The Carpenters in all their early 1970s era glory, singing about how rainy days and Mondays always get them down. When I was a teenager, I got sort of obsessed with this melancholy song. I used to listen to it all the time, focusing on Karen Carpenter’s sweet, low, amazingly clear vocals. Perhaps this isn’t a good teen angst song; it’s more appropriate for lonely middle aged women with depressing jobs. But on a rainy day, especially if it’s a Monday, there’s no beating it. It’s good on a Tuesday, too.

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Have You Ever Seen The Rain

It took awhile before I developed an appreciation for this classic song by CCR. I think I finally learned to like it in the mid 1990s when I was serving in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Armenia. Some fellow volunteers and I used to sit at the Cascade Steps and play music. “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” was one of the songs we would do. The locals loved it. Looking at more recent pictures of the Cascades, I can see that they’ve really been cleaned up and perhaps finally finished. In the 90s, the steps weren’t quite completed at the top. I used to climb up and down them every day, though they had little to no effect on my figure. Anyway, when it rains, this is a fun song to listen to and reminisce about earlier days.

Eddie Rabbit- I Love A Rainy Night

This song takes me back even further than “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” does. When I hear this, I think of roller skating. In the early 80s, I used to go to the local skating rink every Friday night and hang out. I was all of about ten years old and my parents would just drop me off there for hours. It amazes me how things have changed since then. As songs about rain go, this one is pretty chipper.

Madonna- Rain

I don’t consider myself a great fan of Madonna’s, but she did contribute a song to the rain song genre with this hit.

Led Zeppelin- The Rain Song

I count “The Rain Song” as one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. It really needs no commentary from me. This song is so beautiful, with its expressive melody and Robert Plant’s sexy vocals. When I hear this song, I can practically hear the rain coming down in a good way.

Alison Krauss & Union Station- Rain, Please Go Away

If you need something motivating, check out this song with Dan Tyminski of Union Station taking lead vocals. It’s even better watching it live, since Alison Krauss and Union Station is one of those bands that easily pass my “live album” test!

Led Zeppelin- Fool In The Rain

If you need more motivation on a rainy morning, Led Zeppelin delivers with their festive “Fool In The Rain”.

O.A.R.- Fool In The Rain

I wouldn’t normally post a cover version of a song by Led Zeppelin, but this one kicks ass. Robert Randolph plays on it, after all. O.A.R. is short for Of A Revolution and they do a pretty great job with a Led Zeppelin classic.

Phil Collins- I Wish It Would Rain Down

Here’s a hit from 1989. Phil Collins and Eric Clapton team up to make an epic 80s era power ballad. I listen to this and picture myself standing in a downpour, staring at the sky screaming “Why?” Knowing me, I’d be screaming “Why” because I had a flat tire or something, not because something romantic or tragic happened. Phil Collins was alright back in the day; paired up with Eric Clapton, he’s pretty great.

Herb Alpert, Janet Jackson, Lisa Keith- Making Love In The Rain

Of course, if you have the time and the means, you can always use the rainy weather as an excuse to make love. This slow jam from 1987 brings back a lot of memories for me. I remember buying Herb Alpert’s Keep Your Eye On Me on cassette when I was 14 or 15. I bought it because it was all I could afford. It happened to be on sale and I knew there were a couple of Janet Jackson collaborations on it. This song happens to be one of them; Janet is singing backup. This was recorded before she became a mega star and was better known as an actress. Herb Alpert can be heard tooting his horn, too.

Guns N’ Roses- November Rain

No blog post about rain songs would be complete without this new classic by Guns N’ Roses. “November Rain” is definitely one of their epic hits.

Kate Bush- Cloudbusting

So this song doesn’t have the word “rain” in the title, but it is a very cool, timeless song about Wilhelm Reich who, along with his son, Peter, made a rain machine called a Cloudbuster. Reich was arrested and imprisoned, and Peter felt guilty because he could not help his dad. Years later, he wrote a book called A Book of Dreams, which Kate Bush read and was inspired by. And the video stars Donald Sutherland, too!

Dire Straits- It Never Rains

Okay, so we know it does rain… and often, at least where I live. But I had to include this song because it’s amazing. And after today, I’d like for it to be true… at least for a few days.

I guess if you have the time, the energy, and the ability to appreciate it, a rainy day really isn’t so bad. But it sure makes house training a dog harder, as I’ve already discovered this morning. So for the love of my carpets, I hope the rain goes away soon. For now, I’m going to enjoy these rain songs. Hope you do, too!