The day may almost be over, but we at SonicClash would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that September 23, 2009 marks the 60th birthday of one Bruce Springsteen.

New Jersey’s favorite son, in a 35+ year career, has won Grammys, Oscars and established himself as one of the most important songwriters of all time. As important as he is as a songwriter and singer (and bandleader), he also deserves notice as one of the most politically aware musicians of our time. Through the years, he’s remained as culturally and commercially relevant as ever, what with his Super Bowl performance this year (immediately after which he scored his eighth #1 album with “Workin’ on a Dream”.

For the record, my favorite Bruce album was and always will be 1987’s “Tunnel of Love”. Although nothing on the album would even remotely qualify as cheery (and would thus be wildly inappropriate for a birthday celebration), I’m gonna post a video from it anyway, ’cause i’m contrary like that! Happy birthday Bruce!!