New Edition took a hiatus from recording as a group after the Heart Break album (though Bob was already gone) and decided to all go their own way musically. Bobby had already done it with great success, but now it was Johnny and Ralph’s turn. The three remaining cats (Micheal Bivins, Ronnie Devoe, and Ricky Bell) formed Bell Biv Devoe, or just BBD. All were successes in their own right, but BBD hit with that hip hop smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel appeal to it. They had a song on their Poison album that shouted out their NE family. The NE family got back together to record the remix to Word To The Mutha.

  • It took BBD to get the band back together
  • Those are some wacky outfits – come on Ron, long sleeve button up with a tie, some shorts and a hat?
  • What’s up with Biv making out with baby girl and then wiping it on his sleeve? Was that Free?
  • Poor Johnny G – he sings the intro and then you only see him smiling the rest of the way
  • “Oh no she’s a candy girl, living in a half crazy world, that’s the way I’m livin’ girl, and every little step I take is another NE Heartbreak, my, my, my”
  • Ralph T and Bob can rap and they can do it better than Biv and Devoe.
  • Why is Bob so angry and throwing stuff?

New Edition would eventually come back together for Home Again and tear it up until they had to kick Bob out of the group again. They came back a couple years ago on Diddy’s Bad Boy label with One Love but Diddy didn’t really do anything with it. Maybe they’ll bounce back yet again? Who knows, but just like two brothers, it’s word to the mutha.