A few weeks ago, our own Money Mike made a reference to an old Babyface song named Whip Appeal on Babyface’s classic album, Tender Lover.

I work with several college interns and today, one of the interns was making fun of one of the other interns for being “whipped”. I asked him if he had ever heard of Babyface’s song Whip Appeal. He had not. He then looked for it on YouTube and was laughing at the video. Looking back, it is pretty funny. But these college interns totally dated me and made me feel old.

– Holly Robinson is a fine, fine looking woman.

– Even though her hair looked like a jheri curled mess in this video.

– Those are some short shorts. But you have to respect the jean shorts.

– Is ‘Face’s hair permed?

– He’s got some shoulder pads on in that suit.

– “Whip all your sweet sad lovin’ on me.”

– Does this dude ever age?

– Someone needs to blow those bubbles out of the tub.

If you haven’t heard Tender Lover, go check it out. It’s his best album.