Anyone remember the West Coast All-Stars?

Ok, good. Well, if you don’t, there was a time in 1990 (?) that a bunch of west coast rappers and rap groups got together to record a song designed to be anti-gang and anti-violence. Tone-Loc, Ice-T, Young MC, MC Hammer, and the clean up hitter, Eazy-E were a few of the contributors. Even the great JJ Fad (the ess is for super, the you is for unique …) was involved.

  • Gang violence needs to be wiped out!
  • What’s up with those dudes dancing behind Def Jef?
  • Don’t forget the great Michel’le on the hook.
  • A song that stresses non-violence has a verse that starts with, “Being the pimps that we are …”
  • Look at that big medallion around Ice-T’s neck.
  • The line I remember most is Young MC saying, “Brothers, killing other brothers. I thought the idea was to love one another?”
  • Ok, I lied. It’s Humpty Hump saying, “Kill a black man, what are you retarded? Do you work for the clan?”
  • I wonder if Hammer was hot in that leather jump suit.
  • So Eazy’s entire verse was basically that he’s not going to tell anyone to do what he won’t do himself, but at least use your brain?
  • Eazy-E, the violent hero.
  • I wonder who wrote the violent hero’s verse.

I nearly forgot there was a back story to the entire video with little man being sought after because he saw what the shooter looked like. But what I don’t get is, why would you go after little man in an area where there’s now 100 other people who will see you as the shooter? Don’t make no sense.

Oh well. For some reason, I remember Eazy’s verse being cut out of the radio versions of the song. Or something like that. But I can’t quite remember so well 17 years later, so someone will have to correct me on that, if they remember.