When you mention the name Jasmine Guy, most people who remember her will remember her from the NBC sitcom A Different World which was the vehicle that was supposed to blast Lisa Bonet into superstardom. Lisa was soon gone (as was Marisa Tomei, who played Maggie) and the show started to grow around a few characters, and Whitley’s was one of them.

But what most people don’t know (or forgot) is that Guy also recorded an album. It came out in 1990 and got decent radio play in the Bay Area. Three of the singles placed in the top 20 of the R&B charts, including this one.

– Did anyone else expect her to sing in her Whitley Gilbert voice?

– And shouldn’t Dwayne Wayne have made a cameo?

– I don’t remember her being very tall, but they are trying to make her look leggy.

– You can tell this is the early 90s because of the dude in the cross colors shirt, the overalls, and the dudes dressed like Boyz II Men from the Motownphilly video.

– Also, more running man than one video can handle.

– “You got a little taste, now, back to the bass.”

Thanks to BMG, I remember getting this as one of my free CDs. I remember the album being ok, though Guy isn’t the greatest singer. But she had this sultriness that played out well in song form.

Guy was also a friend of Tupac Shakur and even wrote a book with Afeni Shakur (Pac’s mom) in 2005.