What is Digital Underground more famous for? Their huge song, The Humpty Dance, or for introducing Tupac Shakur to the world?

In 1990, Digital Underground released Sex Packets, an album title that was based on the idea of a drug that was taken to induce orgasm. Yep, these guys were crazy. The Humpty Dance blew the roof off of my junior high school.

– I remember arguing with folks who thought Humpty and Shock G were different people. “No way, look at that nose!” Please.

– My good friend Young Randall dressed up as Humpty for Halloween once. One of the greatest Halloween costumes I’ve seen all time, all my life.

– This song still bumps some 18 years later.

– I never noticed before, but he still has the tag on his hat.

– In the Bay Area, they played a version that was bleeped all over the place, and there aren’t any curse words in the song. I never figured that one out.

– My old friend Joel Martinez did the greatest “Humpty Hump” ever at our school dances.

– “People say you look like MC Hammer on crack Humpty!”

– I really wonder if Puerto Ricans and Samoans did the “Humpty Hump”.

– Peace and humptiness forever.