As Money Mike wrote earlier, Michael Jackson turns 50 today. That is all sorts of weird to me. How can MJ be 50? And how old does that make me? I won’t answer that question.

In celebration of MJ’s birthday, I decided to “throwback” to him. This is one of his strangest songs, but it’s also his most artistic and creative from his HIStory album. It’s always stood out for its feeling of loneliness and in my mind, is one of the most underrated songs of his career. The artsy black & white video fits it perfectly.

– I bet you weren’t expecting a slow beat box from MJ.

– Was his hair really that long, or are those extensions? I’m guessing extensions. Beyonce would be jealous.

– How does it feel when you’re alone and you’re cold inside? I’m guessing very much like a Stranger In Moscow. Lord have mercy.

– What is “armageddon on the brain” by the way?

– Dude, catch the ball before it hits the … window.

– We’re talking danger baby.

– I think MJ might have lighter skin than the woman in the coffee shop.

– That was one rainy day.

When it was released in the US, I don’t think the single did much of anything, but of course, it was a hit overseas, like pretty much everything he puts out is.

Next time when I walk down the street by myself I’m going to see everyone in slow motion, without color to their faces and just say that I have, “armageddon on the brain”.

Happy Birthday Mike!