During the late 80s, the freestyle movement was in full effect. Have we ever written about Stevie B on this site? Hmm, if not, we need to do so immediately. Anyway, part of that movement was a group of three young women who called themselves “The Cover Girls”. Angel Clivilles (yep, she married the C&C Music Factory dude), Caroline Jackson, and Sunshine Wright were the originals, but since then, it’s been like a revolving door of females who have joined the group. They might still be around in some form or another as today, freestyle concerts are the new oldies concerts. Though my favorite song was We Can’t Go Wrong, (that video is kind of boring) I’ll show Show Me, which was the title of their first album, and actually charted in the top 5 on the dance charts.

– Look at that hair.

– I wonder if J. Lo stole some early fashion trends from The Cover Girls. In fact, if someone told me that J.Lo was one of The Cover Girls, I would believe it.

– Two of the girls are wearing stretch pants. Nice.

– The woman in the middle is Angel who isn’t a part of the group anymore, but calls herself “The Original CoverGirl”. (That’s the way she spells Cover Girl.)

– I’m still unsure as to what the point of this video is.

– Not biker shorts, but biker skirts?

There’s your trip back to 21 years ago for the day.