In 1990, I was in the 8th grade. At the time, anything Bobby Brown touched, I was going to listen to. Even if it was a song by a guy I’d never heard of named Glenn Medeiros. I remember seeing Medeiros and Brown perform either on The Party Machine with Nia Peeples or Into The Night With Rick Dees. Someone with a better memory needs to help me out with that one. According to Wikipedia, this song went number one on the US Hot 100 Singles chart. Though in my mind, Medeiros played second fiddle to Brown on his own song, I will never forget the guy with the curly mullet.

– And what a great curly mullet it was …

– Think again my friends, think again.

– Don’t you just love the girls in those shorts and boots?

– Glenn needs a shirt underneath that jacket.

– I can’t do this line any justice so I’ll just quote the Bob. “One thing I hate is when a girl plays fake and tries to make me late for another date.” That might be one of the greatest lines in history.

– I had the over/under set at 10 seconds for when Bobby would be shirtless. He beat that by at least 5 seconds.

– Does she really just want to tell her friends that she did it again, or has Glenn just been dumped too many times?

– You can tell how old this video is simply because the truck is a Datsun which they stopped making probably before this video even came out.

– Did everyone have to try to do the running man in videos? Or was it just the simplest dance to do for those who couldn’t really dance?

And if you thought that 18 years later, this wasn’t on my iPod, you’d be wrong. I’m not worthy of Bobby though. I’ve never had a girl play fake and try to make me late for another date.