I was thinking about what to use for this week and it hit me like a ton of bricks. A friend had sent me Ralph Tresvant’s video for Sensitivity and I figured that if Ralph looked silly, I remember Johnny Gill looking even more silly. He’s workin’ it in this video.

– A shirtless Johnny wasn’t too impressive. Dude could’ve got in the gym a bit and hit the bench press.

– Was he shiny suit man before Diddy was?

– Check out JG’s moves. He’s got some frenetic moves.

– Whenever I see his haircut, I think it looks like someone was building stairs.

– His dance moves are like a wannabe Janet in the Rhythm Nation era, with MJ’s pelvic thrusts.

– This might be one of the greatest lines in pop history – “Whenever I need to rub, I run her happiness.”

– Why is he saluting and then crotch chopping all at the same time?

– Is he wearing a leather tank top with that leather jacket and leather pants?

– That’s an angry running man.

Johnny’s Wikipedia page says that he, Ralph T, and Bobby B created a group called Heads Of State. Huh? Can’t they just get back with the rest of the New Edition fellas?