Back when I was watching more MTV than you can shake a stick at, there were so many videos that I saw at least a hundred times. This one specifically I remember, more than I remember the song itself. In fact, I can’t even think about this song without thinking about the video. I may have never heard it without also watching the video at the same time.

  • That’s a pretty sweet computer for 1990.
  • The dude looks like Patrick Dempsey from Can’t Buy Me Love.
  • When she said, “I was wondering if I could play this tape,” he probably thought she meant, “I was wondering if you could wax these drawers.”
  • That dude has a flat screen plasma in 1990!
  • This hot chick is dancing in his apartment and he jumps on the computer. Unless you are getting your web cam ready, that’s a bad move slick.
  • I ain’t nobody’s fool.
  • Making her spill red wine on her shirt was his only good move so far.
  • Ronald from Can’t Buy Me Love is terrible at making moves. Dude, she’s on your bed.
  • Liberace could’ve pulled her better than this dude.

The girl’s name was Betsy Lynn George if anyone cared. And I already told you who the guy was. Ronald from Can’t Buy Me Love.