In the comment section of one of Money Mike’s latest posts, I made reference to a young R&B group from the early 90s named Perfect Gentlemen. They were put together by Maurice Starr and put on tour to open up for the New Kids On The Block (thanks Wikipedia).

(By the way, I swear that when it’s all said and done, we’re going to have the most New Kids/New Edition mentions of any blog on earth.)

Mike told me that we might be the only two folks reading the blog who even remember the group. I said that I’d have to change that. I’m changing that. I apologize for the quality of the video. It’s all that is out there right now.<p>

– That dude was dunking on a 7 foot rim.

– Look at that puffy little duck tail.

– The charm to this song was the hushed singing/talking that made you feel the pain of teenage heartbreak.

– Ok, maybe the true charm to the song is the “Ooh La La, ooh la la” part. That’s definitely the part I remember.

– For the longest time, I didn’t know that they sang, “I can’t, can’t get over you.” I thought it was, “I can’t get it over you.” Where were lyric sites in 1990 when you needed them?

– “I had a dream, me, myself, and I. You were my girl and of course I was your guy.”

– I wish I could get my hair to have levels like that.

– When she kissed the window and left the lipstick mark and then he touched it with his cheek, you have to admit, that was legit cute.

Sadly, it looks like Perfect Gentlemen is no more. There will be no more “Ooh La La”, but someone needs to sample that chorus.