Maybe it’s because basketball preseason is starting. Maybe it’s because seeing Michael McDonald sing with Christopher Cross on the Jimmy Fallon Show has given me a serious blue-eyed soul jones. Maybe it’s because they have a box set coming out next week and have been all over the news. Whatever it is, I’ve been in a serious Hall & Oates mood this week. I’ve even been humming the songs that I’ve gotten sick of to myself, like “Kiss on My List” and “You Make My Dreams”. However, we’re going to go slightly off the beaten path here…or however far off the beaten path you can go with a song that hit the Top 10 on the pop & R&B charts in the early part of 1983.

You know someone’s a good singer when they can make you feel even the most inane lyrics. Despite a somewhat awkward basketball metaphor going on here, Daryl Hall gives this slow jam every inch of White boy Philly soul he can muster. It’s pained, sexy (listen to the way he sings “I want you, can’t you tell?” and imagine the sly grin on his face as he sings it), and smoky…not to mention Smokey. This song is probably best when played in the dark while between the sheets, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a quick listen while you get ready to hit the town tonight.

(By the way, if you decide to download this song, make sure you pick up the extended 12″ version. It’s *sick*!)