Heavy D might be a forgotten soldier in today’s rap music scene, and really, kids now probably remember him for roles in Boston Public and movies like Step Up and Life. But back in the day, he was a jovial overweight lover nicknamed Water Bed Hev. And he had nuttin’ but love for ya.

  • I had no clue Chris Tucker was in this video.
  • That’s like the United Nations of hoochie mamas right there.
  • Middle name price tag, first name gotcha!
  • Don’t ask him for nathins
  • Standin’ by the gutter with your bootie cutters – I need to meet these women that Hev meets.
  • Where has this video been all time all my life? My Noxema girl from 90210 is in this?
  • Antonia Marchette McKay if you nasty.
  • That Heavy D is a great, great man.

Now where’s fun music like that these days?