I may have mentioned this before, but back in the day, my dad used to record videos from MTV and VH-1, when those channels used to pretty much solely play music videos. I was able to see some pretty sweet stuff.

One of those videos I remember watching was by B. B. King. It was a weird video where Dan Akroyd, Michelle Pfeiffer (who I thought was Jane Curtain), Steve Martin, and Eddie Murphy were his band mates. All I really remember from the video was Eddie smiling on the drums and Steve Martin screwing up the choreography. Ever since YouTube became the place to find this kind of stuff, I’ve been looking for this video. I found it.

What I’ve been able to figure out so far is that B. B. King was in a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldbloom called Into The Night. This video was probably a result of him having a song on the soundtrack. That makes a lot of sense because I never knew why Pfeiffer was at the beginning of the video. And now that I notice, Goldbloom is in it as well. Enjoy.

– Who is that mustachioed guy on the guitar? He’s the only one I can’t make out.

– B. B. has once dance move.

– Smile until it hurts Ed.

– Ed has some hair on him.

– Pfeiffer couldn’t hold it in when Martin screwed up his moves. She was cracking up.

– That’s a mighty bar crowd there.

– I wish I could belt it out like B. B. King. “My Lucille!!!!!!!!!”

– Who are those guys hosting? At least one guy was rockin’ a Michael Jackson Thriller shirt.