I know East Coasters, I know. It’s not Friday any longer. It’s Saturday. But for us West Coasters, it’s still Friday, and thus, I can still do a Friday Throwback.

With Janet Jackson’s latest tour in full swing, I started to think about when it was that I started really digging her. If you’ve seen some of the photos and video of her tour, it’s pretty sexual, but that’s been the status quo since about 1993 when janet. came out. She was always very pretty, and if you remember the video for Pleasure Principle, wasn’t afraid to show off her curves. But really, it was the video for what became the last single from Rhythm Nation, that started her change from a pretty girl who dressed to be pretty, to a sexy woman who dressed to break necks.

– All it took was a halter top that showed her midriff and some tight jeans and she was now one of the sexiest women in America.

– How did she get her voice so deep? If this was Kanye, I’d say auto tune, but it isn’t.

– “They said it wouldn’t last, we had to prove them wrong, ’cause I’ve learned in the past that love will never do without you.”

– The fellas weren’t the only ones who loved this video. Thanks to Antonio Sabato Jr. and a young Djimon Hounsou, the ladies remember this video very well.

– Does Janet even do one wardrobe change?

– You know what I could do without? Those dudes wearing those bikini briefs like they’re trying to smuggle bananas.

– Damn, 1991 Janet might’ve been the most untouchable Janet ever.