After three albums, Jodeci finally got their wedding song on. The wedding song is the one song that makes groups timeless. It’s the one song that gets played at weddings, and once you’re on the wedding playlist, you’re on it for life. Always And Forever anyone?

This song is not a song about freakin’. Not every freakin’ day, or every freakin’ night. It’s a love song. Give it to ‘em K-Ci.

  • Is T-Boz in her bra?
  • “I wanna love you for life, because your love is why I live.” I wonder if K-Ci sang that to Mary J. Blige.
  • Even with the pimp daddy hat and the pimp daddy suit, why does K-Ci still look like Tyrone Biggums?
  • Someone tell Jo-Jo that wearing the Sox hat was old by then.
  • Especially with a suit.
  • I swear I thought the Pastor looked like Rev Run.
  • It has to be Rev Run.
  • Why wasn’t the DMC the ring bearer?
  • When Dalvin slobbed down T-Boz, I wonder if Mack-10 was ready to get his backyard boogie on? Get your boogie on …

This would be Jodeci’s last hit single I believe. K-Ci and Jo-Jo would take this blueprint and successfully launch a career as the two-some of the creative name of K-Ci and Jo-Jo. All the songs about freakin’ and feenin’ and were replaced by songs about love and love, and more love. They became romantic balladeers. One of these days, when I’m out of ideas, I’ll work in my favorite K-Ci and Jo-Jo song, All My Life.