I didn’t really get into Guy when their first album dropped. It wasn’t until I Wanna Get With You did I really notice them. It just happened to be that I was listening to a lot more stuff the year their second album came out. And then, there was this song.

  • What’s up with the glasses and flat top look?
  • I don’t remember there being a ballerina in this video.
  • Teddy Riley playing the piano in a bathrobe is just unintentionally funny.
  • Is there any reason why the color of the video changes?
  • Is it a dream or reality? Cause if it’s a fantasy, please don’t wake me.
  • Holy cow. That was a gutter ball from the word go.
  • I don’t get the singing on stools deal, but oh well, this was the early 90s.

Paging Aaron Hall. Paging Aaron Hall. Come back to R&B music man. We need you.