I think I was in either the 7th or 8th grade and everyone was singing out of tune. And it sounded like they were doing it purposefully. It went a little something like this.

Oh baby you, you got what I need

And then they’d stop and laugh. This my friends, was the day Biz Markie became a household name. Well, at least for a year or so. Markie has never been as much in the public eye since, but as someone whose real skill is DJ’ing and beat boxing, having a hit single that people remember until this day, is a pretty good side job.

  • I didn’t even remember the “Yo mama!” jokes at the beginning of the video.
  • The painkillers one was pretty funny.
  • The girl wanted to make poor Biz wait a year?
  • I’ve always loved how he not only loses his breath, but nearly screws up one line, and yet, it’s still in the finished copy of this song.
  • Let’s not even pretend we aren’t playing the piano Biz.
  • Agatha was kind of fugly.
  • Why is blah blah blah in a bathing suit at the park?
  • Who is that? Oh, he’s just a friend. Those might be the most cutting words in history.
  • The He-Man club?
  • On snap! Biz ended the video by pop lockin’.

Where is the Biz these days? Eh, he’s still around. Just remember, nobody beats him.