Who is Tommy Page? I mention the name Tommy Page to anyone and I get nothing but blank stares.

Tommy Page is a product of sappy, early 90s pop music. Page actually opened up for the New Kids On The Block when his debut album was released. After touring with them, they lent a helping hand on his second album, Paintings In My Mind, which spawned his number one single, I’ll Be Your Everything. You can hear the New Kids influence on the song. Jordan Knight is on the hook and he hits one of his ball busting, groin punch falsettos, which kind of overshadows Tommy.

– Ya, I don’t get the ballet theme either.

– Sing in your highest voice possible – “I’ll be your friend”.

– Is Tommy wearing leather trousers or are they Z. Cavaricci’s?

– And while we’re at it, where’s his bolo tie?

– Since when is the word “last” pronounced “la-hast”?

– Yet again I must ask you to sing in your highest voice possible – “I’ll be your friend”.

– “Just reach for me, I’ll be the one to set you free.”

I do have some bonus Tommy Page coverage for you. If someone does remember Tommy Page when I bring up that name, it’s for this little gig he did below. Tommy Page!!!!!!!!!!