I have to tell you a story about a man named Eddy Zucko. Right around the time, Shaq O’neal came into the NBA this man named Eddy Zucko decided that he loved the man’s free, fun spirit. He loved it enough that when Shaq decided to drop rhymes on an album called Shaq Diesel, young Eddy bought it. When Shaq came back for more with Shaq-Fu: Da Return, Eddy bought it again. He loved both albums so much that I’d hear him reciting lines and calling himself the Ken Dogg. I think he may still hold both albums in a special place in his heart.

(I Know I Got) Skillz is the first Shaq single, though he was first heard on the Fu-Schnickens song What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock?). He’d also do verses on Michael Jackson’s 2 Bad and Quincy Jones’ Stomp. Does anyone remember TWISM?

  • Shaq will do you like Spielberg and you’ll get jurrasic’d in the park.
  • I wonder if anyone ever calls Shaq ET still. Extra Tallums?
  • Look at that, it’s Def Jeff with the Shaq attack.
  • I wonder how much leather it took to make Shaq’s vest and pants?
  • Nah, nah, let him continue.
  • Best line ever: “Built like Chevy Impala/ Shaq’s a smooth baller/ But what about rhymes? /I can hold my own/ Knick knack Shaq attack, give a dog a bone”
  • How you like him now? He drops bombs.
  • Shaq gives a shout out to his cousin Ron, and his other cousin Ron.

How many of you know that Shaq dropped 5 albums? And what’s more impressive than that (or at least impressive because a label kept putting out Shaq records), is that his first record went double platinum and his second went platinum. Though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a copy of Presents His Superfriends, Vol. 1 and highly doubt we’ll ever get Vol. 2.