Most know Montell Jordan for his party anthem This Is How We Do It. In fact, my friend just sent me that YouTube video the other day for no reason other than to pump herself up. It’s become that iconic party anthem. But Montell Jordan didn’t only have one song. On his second album More…, the 6’8 Jordan released Falling as the second single (if you count I Like as the first). It’s probably my favorite Jordan song of them all.

  • I think that’s Krayzie Bone by the way, and the version of this song that I really like is the one that he’s not on.
  • What do the sirens signify?
  • Did Montell really have to match the lenses in his sunglasses with the color of his shirt?
  • “I dial your number on the phone, it’s steady ringing, you’re not home.” Where’s Mr. Telephone Man when you need him?
  • I wish I could get my sideburns to do that.
  • Now why is Krayzie Bone in jail?
  • I think I’d fall for that girl too, especially if she can look like that while still eating Hagen Daz.