When I was working back at Blockbuster Video, we’d play videos before the store opened. There was one assistant manager who always put Michael Jackson videos on while we were prepping the day. There was one video called Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues which showed the video to the Jacksons’ Can You Feel It, a single on their Triumph album. I think the video was actually produced in 1980. Dick Clark said at the time, that when Michael told him he wanted to show him this film they created based on the song, Clark told him no one wanted to see that, and they just wanted to see Michael and his brothers perform. Clark also said that he completely missed the boat on music videos and the Jacksons were before their time. I’m not sure what the first official music video was, but Can You Feel It had to be one of the first, as far as music videos as we know them today.

  • What’s up with the National Geographic spoken word intro?
  • Did they steal those sound effects straight out of Star Wars?
  • I’ve always wanted to spread pixie dust over the world like that.
  • Did the golden hues that surrounded the Jacksons signify all the Grammys that Mike was about to win in two years?
  • Mike just lifted a rainbow over his head. I’m at a loss for words.
  • All of the people turned golden because of that ring of fire? What?
  • I think Mike should’ve just moonwalked across the water. Wait, that came about 4 years later.

All the herky jerky sound effects hurt the video, but in 1980, those special effects were on fire like that ring. It’s an odd video, but hey, the Jacksons were some odd folks. And Mike would use his powers for good in future videos. Don’t you remember how he healed the elephant in the Earth Song?