Disclaimer: This animated video was made in the mid 70s and features very stereotypically drawn characters.

When I was a little kid, my dad would at times, get into a high pitched voice and squeal, “Basaball Jones, I got a basaball jones.”

Notice that it wasn’t “basketball jones”. It was “bas-a-ball jones”. From what I was told, this was a song performed by Cheech and Chong, who weren’t necessarily on my radar as funny men as a child.

Later in high school, I recorded a copy of my dad’s Cheech And Chong’s Greatest Hits CD, which came out in the early 90s. I soon became a victim of a Basketball Jones.

– Ever since I was a baby, I always be dribbling.

– The guy with the basketball jones is named Tyrone Shoelaces (thanks Wikipedia, (by the way, check out all the folks on this song)). He kind of looks like a character from Fat Albert.

– Sometimes I feel too that when I’m at the free throw line of life, I just need a pick. Roll to the basket, and I’ll feed it to you.

– I didn’t think I would ever see an animated Bill Russell and Chick Hearn in my life. Thank you Basketball Jones.

– Imagine if you really had the hops to jump and grab a quarter off the top of the backboard. Tyrone Shoelaces would even leave 15 cents change.

– Even King Kong was rockin’ from side to side.

Chris Rock and Barry White re-did the song for Michael Jordan’s movie Space Jam. It was definitely a G rated version of the song. Chris Rock even called Sylvester the Cat his undercover brother. Before I went searching for the song, I didn’t even know there was an animated video. Thank you Basketball Jones.