mozThis week is not exactly the most exciting one for new music releases. Actually, this is one of the first weeks that I can recall where I don’t have anything to discuss besides the five spotlight releases. So this column’s gonna be short this week. I apologize. Here’s what you should expect coming from your local physical and online retailers this week.

Morrissey “Years of Refusal”-He’s been the King of Mope for the past quarter-century now, don’t expect Moz to change anytime soon. His new album is filled with the typical dramatic renderings of songs like “Something is Squeezing My Head”. Stuff that tons of arrested teenagers who’ve loved Morrissey since the Eighties will relate to with no problem at all.

Charlie Wilson “Uncle Charlie”- The former lead singer of the Gap Band scored pretty big with his 2005 album “Charlie…Last Name Wilson”, which sold almost half a million copies. The long-awaited follow up features Wilson’s buttery (and much imitated) voice over sensuous midtempo and slow jams. Collaborators include R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake.

Thursday “Common Existence”– Er…don’t have much to say here. Semi-faceless, semi-successful emo/rock band’s latest album. Excited? Hmmm…maybe they’re not emo…wikipedia calls them post-hardcore (exactly what *is* that?). Indie folks will be excited to know that they’ve signed with Epitaph after a brief dalliance with major labels.

Annie Lennox “The Annie Lennox Collection”- One of the best female voices in music history, I don’t think that Annie Lennox has ever received the props that she deserved. Starting out in the videogenic Eighties, she’s one of the few artists from the MTV-era whose work stands alone without the visuals attached to it (and she’s made some great videos too). This collection features all of her solo hits like “Why”, “Walking on Broken Glass” and “No More I Love You’s”, as well as a handful of new tracks.

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit “Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit”-Jason Isbell split from country/rock powerhouses Drive-By Truckers a couple years ago and enjoyed a well-received solo debut last year. Joining forces with a new band, Isbell’s new album mines familiar country/soul/rock territory with the great storytelling that’s become DBT’s trademark.

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