I had no use for Lady GaGa just a few short months ago. Her songs were mindless dance-pop, I didn’t think she had any discernible talent, and she was a protege of Akon, one of my least favorite “artists” in any genre. She’s also Perez Hilton-endorsed, and Perez is the gay equivalent of T-Pain, who sets black folks back about 200 years.

I’ve gotta admit, though, she’s winning me over. First, there was her bizarre VMAs performance. It confused the shit out of me, but it was at least artistic. Then there was her “SNL” performance, during which she actually sang well and played piano, something most of today’s pop divas (hello, Britney) are incapable of doing. Then there’s the fact that thanks to the likes of Christopher Walken and Marlee Matlin, “Poker Face” has buried itself in my head and won’t leave. Yeah, yeah, I’m late. So what?

Anyway, her label is doing one of my least favorite things ever and re-releasing her album “The Fame” with extra bonus tracks. That pisses me off, because you basically force fans who came out and supported the album the first time around to buy the album again. I think that’s doing your fans a huge disservice. Anyway, the album’s first single is “Bad Romance”. Taken by itself, it’s okay. I mean, the lyrics are clever, but it’s not a great song. This video, though. Man, it’s some kinda surreal. It’s one of those things you can’t turn away from. I give the lady props for having more artistic vision than your average dance diva. I won’t go as far as to call her the next Madonna yet, but she has promise.

Wish there was something that could be done about her butterface, though.