My major prediction for 2010? TONS upon TONS of unreleased Michael Jackson music is going to hit the internet and the airwaves. The first example of this is “Another Day”, a song that’s leaked all over the interwebs. It represents a collaboration between Michael and rock star Lenny Kravitz. Lenny acknowledged working with Michael at one point, and honestly speaking, it would have been cool to see what the two could have done together.

If the song itself sounds familiar, that might be because after Michael decided against using it, Lenny kept it for himself and released it on his album “Baptism”, renaming the song “Storm” and adding a verse by Jay-Z. It was probably the only worthwhile thing on that entire damn album.

“Storm” wasn’t a particularly big hit, so it’s definitely feasible that the MJ version can be released and be huge. Michael definitely sounds like he was giving his all on the track vocally. Stay tuned. I’m sure there’ll be much more to come.