Yep, Jennifer Lopez still makes records. Who knew?

We haven’t heard anything on the movie or the acting front from Lopez for a hot minute. Granted, she’s been busy raising kids with her hubby Marc Anthony, but let’s also face facts-her last couple of projects have been flops. Well, come 2010, La Lopez (or JelLO…as I like to call her) is coming back for that ass, and the first track from her upcoming album is “Fresh Out the Oven”.

Lopez has created a handful of good dance tracks over the years-“Waiting for Tonight” and “Get Right” come to mind (the beat on “Get Right” was SICK), but at the end of the day she’s just another pop/dance diva, and “Fresh Out the Oven” will do nothing to differentiate her from that pack. Actually, “Oven” sounds kind of regressive, like this was left over from one of her earlier albums. Not to mention that J. Lo trying to rap is beyond laughable.

The lyrics are pretty cliche and J. Lo has covered this territory before in songs like “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. As a 40-year old mother of two, these lyrics just don’t sound right coming out of Lopez’s mouth anymore. It sounds like she’s trying to be someone she’s not.

With Lady GaGa conquering the pop/dance market, it remains to be seen what kind of audience Lopez has left. What do you guys think?