Given the popularity of some of our “American Idol” posts, I know there are a lot of Elliott Yamin fans out there. Hell, I’m one myself (I just listened to “Wait for You” on my iPod yesterday). The guy’s certainly got the right influences, and his take on R&B is refreshing and most importantly, well sung.

As you know, Elliott’s new album, “Fight for Love”, comes out on May 5th, and if you click here, guess what? You can order a copy of the album with the cover signed by Elliott! Good music and a collectible! How ’bout that?

Now, click on and buy the album. And don’t say I never gave y’all nothin’.

(Just as an FYI, this site is in no way affiliated with Newbury Comics or newburycomics.com. Just posting this link ’cause I love y’all.)