From the first time I heard about it, I thought having Kanye West & Lady GaGa co-headline a tour together was sort of strange. I mean, despite the fact that they both aspire to high art, aesthetically speaking…their audiences probably are quite dissimilar. Kanye fans tend to be college students, hipsters and backpacky hip-hoppers, while GaGa’s fans tend to be teenage girls and flaming queens gay men.

So I can’t say I’m surprised by the fact that this joint tour has been cancelled. I mean, who would conceivably buy a ticket to see both acts? While Kanye’s MTV-sponsored antics are being factored in as a reason the tour was cancelled, I can’t see someone who’s already a Kanye West fan being too bothered by the Taylor Swift incident. I ALSO can’t see someone who’s a Kanye West fan buying a Lady GaGa album or sitting through an hour and a half of GaGa on stage. I think it’s just a case of two well-meaning, reasonably talented artists trying to do something together without realizing that their audiences are oil and water.