metallica2To no one’s surprise, Metallica and Run-DMC will be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in their induction ceremony next month. Their inclusions are, of course, deserved. Metallica is unquestionably the hardest metal band to sustain a multi-platinum career for two decades plus, and although Run-DMC’s reign at the top was brief, they kicked down just about every possible door a rap artist could kick down on the road to success.

The other inductees are Jeff Beck, Bobby Womack and Little Anthony & the Imperials. Some folks will question those decisions, some people will scoff, some people will wonder what it will take to get The Stooges (and to a lesser extent, Chic) into the Hall of Fame. Any way you look at it, the jam that typically occurs at the end of the induction ceremony should be interesting!