It looks like Eminem may be back. At least let’s hope so.

A couple weeks ago, Eminem’s “comeback” single hit iTunes and had people saying, “Eminem is back.” I’m not sure how many times you can go the comeback route, especially after the entire theme of his last album Relapse was that he had his life together again.

But there was something odd about that album. And the oddness wasn’t even that it was terrible. It seemed really forced, as if he didn’t want to record it but had to in order to make his label happy or something like that.

I told anyone who’d listen how bad that album was so that they wouldn’t make the same mistake that I did and purchase it. It wasn’t really Eminem. It was him on auto-pilot.

But the Eminem heads out there claimed that it was greatness. I think Entertainment Weekly gave it an A. But listen to Not Afraid. Marshall Mathers himself says that his last album wasn’t good. It wasn’t him.

The real question is: Do you believe him?

Check out the new video and decide for yourself.