So, apparently Wynonna Judd has decided to stop shoving Twinkies down her gullet and driving drunk to diss Taylor Swift for winning the Entertainer of the Year award at the CMAs. As I mentioned in an article earlier today, the 19-year old Swift became the youngest artist to win this esteemed honor, in addition to winning three other trophies at the ceremony last night.

Wynonna seems to think that Taylor has to pay her dues before winning something like Entertainer of the Year. I call shenanigans. It’s not like the woman is winning a lifetime achievement award. She won “Entertainer of the Year”. You don’t have to pay dues or have a body of work to win this award…you just have to have been successful in the past twelve months. Who else in country music has had the year that Taylor’s had. The fact of the matter is this-Taylor has set a record by having 13 songs from one album hit the Top 40, she scored the biggest country crossover hit of the year with “You Belong With Me”, she became the first country artist to win an MTV Video Music Award, and…”Fearless” is the year’s biggest-selling album, regardless of genre. It may not be paying dues, but it sure as hell is success. The type of success Wynonna hasn’t enjoyed since the early Nineties. Might there be a little jealousy going on in Nashville?

What I found even funnier was the comment section. First of all, people who leave anonymous comments are the worst. If you can’t stand behind your own words, you have no credibility in my book. Second, there’s a large group of people who think that Taylor was a nobody before the Kanye incident. Now, folks, y’all know I love Kanye to death, but Taylor had sold over 7 million records BEFORE the whole MTV thing went down. It’s not like Kanye jumped on stage, stole the spotlight and made her into a star.

Anyway, seeing as Taylor is enjoying success and opportunities that Wynonna only dreams about, I don’t think Ms. Swift is paying too much attention to the talk.