Perhaps the slowly sinking mainstream media news outlet should stick to covering stories about pirates.  Below is an image of CNN‘s attempt at blogging American Idol’s results show.

One thought:  spoilers are generally revealed when the contestant’s picture is bigger than the blog post.   (Note:  this is the same CNN that blew Kal Penn’s suicide on House earlier this week.  Thanks for that one,  guys)

cnn-idolatryNote:  the above is not a live document.  Do not click on the links.  They are included to show the entirety of CNN’s 62 word  cutting-edge news coverage.  I especially enjoyed bumping the tag list up by including the category “uncategorized”.  I guess the TV grafix folk don’t get that whole resizing an image on their blog difficult task.

And we doubled their word count, but were still relevant rather than gushing, Kudos to you, Scott!

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